Project Resolve – PTS fase 2 (Developer Notes)

Ubisoft Massive ha postato sulla board ufficiale Trello un altro developer’s note, stavolta legato alla fase 2 del PTS che si è svolta a gennaio. Si tratta  sempre di una lista composta dai feedback degli utenti e dalle risposte del team di sviluppo. Il testo è in inglese e non verrà tradotto.

L’uscita di questo aggiornamento é prevista per il 6 febbraio.



  • Behind You Talent seems a bit too strong
    • Starting with TU20 the Behind You Talent will be exclusive to Rifle and MMR weapons. This change was made to align with the intended design, as its wider availability on the PTS was unintentional and considered a bug. We decided to limit the use of talent to MMR and Rifles only due to the Talent being too strong paired with some other weapons.
    • Additionally, starting with TU20 release, the Amplified Damage* will decrease from 40% to 15% for the Behind you and from 60% to 20% for Perfectly Behind You. The adjustment in value is intended to align with the original intention of the Damage being Increased but has now been modified to be Amplified. This change is not a nerf, but rather a refinement to align with the intended behavior. The current implementation of the talent creates an imbalance, particularly in how Amplified Damage calculates damage compared to Weapon Damage. The initial values of 40%/60% were suitable for Weapon damage but not compatible with Amplified Damage. To address this, we have adjusted the values to ensure that Amplified Damage functions as intended.
  • Ortiz Assault Interface Talent
    • Starting with TU20 release, the Amplified Damage* will decrease from 75% to 40% for highlighted body sections.

*Localization update will be released with TU20.1


  • Rugged Gauntlets – Exotic Gloves felt underwhelming
    • Initially, the intention was for the Iron Grip Talent to give stability and accuracy bonus. However, a bug caused the accuracy bonus to malfunction, resulting in the gloves feeling underpowered on PTS. We have since resolved this issue, and the gloves should now function as originally intended, with both stability and accuracy bonuses.
  • Hunter’s Fury
    • The 3-piece bonus was changed from +100% health on kill to +50% health on kill. This adjustment is implemented to maintain a sense of balance, considering the introduction of additional Health bonuses on Brand Sets. As a result, the viability of health on kill is also enhanced.
  • Vindicator locked behind Descent
    • Currently, the plan is for it to be exclusively available in Descent. This might change over time, but not any time soon.


  • Gear Lock is not needed
    • In PTS phase 2, we initially took a more extensive approach to this topic. Based on your feedback, we have reconsidered and returned to the drawing board. Following the launch of TU20, Gear Lock will continue to function in the same manner as it did in TU19. However, we maintain a positive perspective on the inclusion of Gear Lock and recognize its importance in Conflict. That said, we are actively reintroducing it beyond spawn areas exclusively in Conflict only starting with TU20.1.

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