Title Update 18.3 – Manutenzione server TD2 – 25 luglio

Martedì 25 luglio i server di The Division 2 saranno offline dalle 9.30 per una manutenzione programmata, che servirà a implementare il Title Update 18.3.

Durata prevista: ~ 3 ore
Dimensione patch: ~ 5 GB

Seguire il post su Twitter o il Server Status ufficiale per aggiornamenti su eventuali ritardi/estensioni della manutenzione, o riaperture anticipate dei server.




  • Fixed the issue with getting the Nemesis Arm Patch after defeating the Nemesis
  • Reduced the damage Nemesis deals in solo mode by 10%
  • Fixed the issue with the missing Descent Project
  • Fixed the issue with the Weekly Descent Project listing the Descent loop rewards
  • Fixed the issue where the missing floor at the Nemesis Arena could cause the player to fall under the map
  • Global Directives no longer grant bonus XP in Descent
  • Fixed the issue with the player remaining stuck inside the corridor between the Water Treatment and Generators rooms while standing in a specific part of the corridor
  • Fixed the issue with the pop-up buttons not showing up as clickable when interacting with consoles
  • Fixed the issue that allowed players to reset the Boss Arena in order to acquire multiple Exotic talents and Stat Buffs in one loop on the DARPA map


  • Fixed the issue that caused the Companion Talent and its Perfect version to be activated without being near an ally or skill
  • Fixed the issue with the Unbreakable Talent and its Perfect version not activating on a newly equipped item with the same Talent
  • Added Sacrum Imperium Exotic MR and NinjaBike Messenger Bag Exotic Backpack to their targeted loot pool categories
  • Added St. Elmo’s Engine Exotic AR and Shocker Punch Exotic Holster to their targeted loot pool categories
    • Please be aware that a blueprint needs to be unlocked through the Season Pass Reward Track first


  • Temporarily removed the Grants Tab to perform the functionality update
  • Fixed the overlapping text shown upon receiving the Johnson Glasses
  • Player is no longer forced into the Descent mode when skipping the briefing cutscene after exiting the Descent


  • Fixed the issue that caused the first shutter door to remain open while the Raid Leader resets the Iron Horse Raid before starting the Raid


  • Added multiple localization fixes
  • Removed the TO DO gear from the game
  • Adjusted VFX for “Take my money” emote
  • Fixed the issue with the infinite enemy spawn in the final beat of Medical Camp Attack Side Mission
  • Fixed the audio issue affecting the settlement-specific music
  • Fixed the issue with the agent getting stuck when walking over the garden bed prop in the Castle Settlement



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