Title Update 19.3 – Manutenzione server TD2 – 5 dicembre [AGGIORNATO]

Martedì 5 dicembre i server di The Division 2 saranno offline dalle 9.30 per una manutenzione programmata, che servirà a implementare il Title Update 19.3.

Durata prevista: ~ 3 ore | estesa di 2 oreestesa fino alle 15.30 | manutenzione estesa a causa di problemi inaspettati, durata non nota.
Dimensione patch: ~ 6GB

Seguire il post su Twitter o il Discord ufficiale per aggiornamenti su eventuali ritardi/estensioni della manutenzione, o riaperture anticipate dei server.




  • Fixed the issue with the mission occasionally remaining stuck on “Secure the Area” after defeating the last boss and all enemies.
  • Fixed the issue with the the door that leads to the next beat not opening after killing Moss if all party members are inside the room where he spawns.


  • Fixed the issue with the Backbone, Empress International and Battery pack backpacks core attribute being set to Skill Tier.
    • Every affected backpack will have their core attribute changed to Armor. The attribute will not be reversed if it was recalibrated.
  • Fixed the issue with Agent’s hand clipping through the Carnage named Light Machinegun.
  • Duplicates of specialization pistols obtained when transferring them between Agents through the stash can now be deconstructed but give no resources.


  • Fixed the issue with server performance drop when Mel Arnold bounty was active.


  • Fixed the issue with the missing art for the Woodwork and Wall Street bundles.
  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect objective message display for the Goal Project Salvager Crew at The Theater.


The annual winter holiday celebrations will be back in The Division 2 this December, and with it the return of festive-themed cosmetics – some old and new.

  • The Winter Project Scavenger Hunt starts on December 5th and ends on January 9th
  • Winter Project is available for all players, regardless of ownership of DLC. All objectives are located in Washington DC.
  • 15 new projects for players to take on with 15 rewards to unlock – 10 of which are completely new items.


  • Added murals to The Castle sliding gates.
  • Added multiple localization fixes.
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting audio.


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