Title Update 20.1 – Manutenzione server TD2 – 20 febbraio

Martedì 20 febbraio i server di The Division 2 saranno offline dalle 9.30 per una manutenzione programmata.

Durata prevista: ~ 3 ore estesa di 1 ora
Dimensione patch: ~ 7gb

Seguire il post su Twitter o il Server Status ufficiale per aggiornamenti su eventuali ritardi/estensioni della manutenzione, o riaperture anticipate dei server.




Fonte: Board ufficiale


  • Added the new textile vendor, Danny Weaver, who sells a limited stock of caches which refreshes weekly and can only be purchased with textiles.
  • To locate him, you need to find the Snitch, who will now reveal both Cassie Mendoza and Danny’s locations on the map.


  • Fixed the issue with Faye Lau Climax mission remaining stuck on “Secure the area” objective after neutralizing all hostiles.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred when Faye Lau was killed too quickly resulting in a few waves of enemy NPCs spawning by helicopter after the Mission Complete prompt was displayed on the screen.
  • Fixed the issue with the Year 5 Season 2 Climax mission “Secure the Dam”. The issue was related to the objective persisting throughout the mission if the enemy NPCs on the dam were killed before completing the “Reach the Dam” objective.


  • Following the TU20 PTS Phase 2 feedback, some upgrades were made to the Tinkering Station:
    • Equipped items are now at the start of the grid.
  • Fixed the issue with the required materials list sometimes missing from Optimization Tab in the Tinkering Library.
  • Fixed an incorrect description for the Tinkering Library.
  • Fixed the issue where reconfiguring any Exotic item with full inventory resulted in the deletion of the Exotic item.
    • Details regarding the compensation will be provided at a later time.
  • Added tutorial screen for the Tinkering Station.


  • Fixed the issue with Vindicator Exotic Rifle stats not changing when re-rolling
  • Fixed the issue with the Exotic console choices featuring duplicates of already equipped Exotics.
  • Removed Hunter-Killer and Shield Splinterer blueprints from the Descent blueprint loot pool.
  • Fixed the issue where the Vindicator Exotic Rifle was available and could be purchased before reaching level 30 from the NSA Store.
  • Fixed the issue where no items were received from the Reconstructed Cache for Agents under level 40.
  • Added Tier I – IV and a Nemesis Arm Patches.
  • Fixed the issue with the missing description on the “Breathe Free” Exotic Talent when interacting with the console.


  • Fixed the issue with Skill Mods used in loadouts that were automatically deconstructed and not replaced by the newly acquired upgrade.


  • Fixed various clipping issues with a few apparel items on female and male Agent models:
    • Lovebird pants
    • Leopard Love hoodie
    • Crescent Jacket
    • Crescent eyewear
    • Crescent hat
    • Cresent gloves
    • Menpo gloves


  • Fixed the issue with Reconstructed caches in Descent not showing the newly obtained Named blueprint.
  • Fixed the issue with the season caches appearing as “Unmarked SHD Supplies” in the rewards section of the Leagues.
  • Added other minor UI fixes.


  • Fixed the issue that allowed using the Hackstep Protocol Talent in combination with Instant Armor kit instead of going on cooldown.
  • Fixed the issue where Survivalist and Firewall specializations received 50% flat armor after using Instant Armor kit instead of intended 25%.
  • Fixed the issue with Festive Delivery Named Backpack secondary explosion dealing more damage than the initial explosion.
  • Fixed the issue with the Perfect Overclock Talent cooldown reduction being 0.2 seconds instead of 0.6 seconds.
  • Fixed the issue with The Empress International backpack and the Battery Pack Named backpack having Armor core attribute instead of Skill tier.
  • Fixed the issue with Vindicator Exotic Rifle’s Talent Ortiz Assault Interface not marking all NPCs.
  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect description text for the following Talents:
    • Ortiz Assault Interface
    • Behind You
    • Perfectly Behind You


  • Fixed the issue with players being able to change Skill after leaving the spawn point.
  • Fixed the issue with the Match Reward Section showing a placeholder text.
  • Added Combat Gear Lock so players will no longer be allowed to change individual Gear pieces or Loadouts after leaving the spawn area.
  • Fixed the issue with the Determined and Perfect Determent Talents buff remaining active even after the Agent is killed.
  • Updated bonuses for the Festive Delivery backpack.
    • A new attribute applies a damage modifier to the secondary explosions in Dark Zone


  • Fixed the issue with the Reinforcer Chem Launcher applying the hazard protection twice per charge in Dark Zone.


  • Added new Commendations for Conflict:
    • Countdown Cool – awarded for fixing the Cooling Tower’s cooling system in under 5 minutes from the start of the objective.
    • Countdown Shocker – awarded for neutralizing 24 shocked hostiles.
    • Countdown Big Spender – awarded for spending 1000 Countdown Requisition Tokens.
    • Countdown Counter – awarded for deactivating every type of countermeasure.
    • Countdown Supply – awarded for resupplying your teammates 20 times by sharing items from your inventory.


  • Fixed the issue where after resetting the Manhunt and completing the Briefing mission multiple times the player received 130000XP each time.


  • Fixed the issue with the Turret Boss dealing damage through the door in the final beat in Tidal Basin on Legendary difficulty.
  • Fixed the issue with Weekly Legendary Project being available for a level 30 WONY character.
  • Added all collectibles to the Legacy Manhunt for Year 5 Season 2: Puppeteers
  • Added multiple localization fixes.
  • Fixed multiple issues affecting audio.
  • Updated the in-game text descriptions.
  • Stability improvements.



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