Title Update 19.1 – Manutenzione server TD2 – 17 ottobre

Martedì 17 ottobre i server di The Division 2 saranno offline dalle 9.30 per una manutenzione programmata, che servirà a implementare il Title Update 19.1 .

Durata prevista: ~ 3 ore estesa di 1 ora
Dimensione patch: ~ 5.5GB

Seguire il post su Twitter o il Server Status ufficiale per aggiornamenti su eventuali ritardi/estensioni della manutenzione, o riaperture anticipate dei server.




  • Fixed the issue with the weekly chest not resetting on Tuesdays.
  • If you have multiple keys in your inventory, you can open the weekly chest until there are no more keys in your inventory.
    • Players will be able to earn 1 key per week, and the chest will reset on Tuesdays.
  • Fixed the issue where a Mission Objective can remain stuck on “Secure the Area” after eliminating all enemies and the last boss.
  • The amount of damage that can be done to Bosses is now capped to prevent Moss, Wright, Martinez and Johnson from being killed with a single shot.
  • Fixed the issue where the open world difficulty affected the scaling of some enemy NPC skills.
  • Fixed the issue with the Directives remaining active and affecting gameplay.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the final chest and Bosses drop Raid exclusive items.
  • Leaderboards reset due to data tracking inconsistency and changes made to Bosses HP.


  • Updated the description of the Collector Exotic Chest Piece Talent Hoarder:
    • Automatically regenerate a grenade every 30s, if you have less than 2 grenades in your inventory.


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